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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lego Geeks

Today's fabulous discovery is this - The Marin Engineering Center, home to every Lego piece or part known to humankind. One of the other Cub Scout moms had mentioned it in passing several months ago and recently forwarded the link. For $9 an hour, your child can build ANYTHING, including a variety of sets that they have available for use. A very reasonable price, considering that the available materials include battery packs, leads and various things to hook up to make battery-controlled machines. C was ambivalent about going, initially. I suggested that we just take a look and if it seemed awful we could leave. We walked in and his eyes got big. He disappeared into the aisles of legos and when I suggested he take his coat off, he shrugged it off without once breaking eye contact with his project. I left and headed off to my own version of Lego Heaven - Marin Fiber Arts, where I spent an hour and a half hanging out with Warren and Barbara and making a baby-sized version of this for the grandbaby due next spring. I drove back to get C, who didn't even bother to look at me when I walked in. "No, Mom. I'm not leaving." So I headed out to Macy's (just across the freeway) and that's when it got a little more expensive than $9 an hour.... I found a beautiful purple cashmere sweater on a very good sale. All in all, a very fun day. C was persuaded to leave after 3 and a half hours of fun and is ready to go back any time. I'll have to remember it for the next time I need to go shopping or just need a nap :-) It would also be a good place for a birthday party. A Bad Mommy might also consider dropping him on the way to work and picking him back up on the way home at night....


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