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Sunday, April 26, 2009


There have been a lot of conversations around our house in the last couple of weeks about what this coming summer will look like. The boy thinks this is a great summer for him to hang out by himself at home while Dad and I are at work. (Not going to happen.) I'm going to a lot of work trying go find fun, interesting, new, fabulous things for the boy to do this summer, as well as arrange some semi-down time at Camp Nana & Papa. (The boy isn't going to be happy, regardless - since he doesn't want to do anything that doesn't involve a lot of time on the computer.) It's been a little tense.

So tonight we're having ravioli for dinner and as I'm serving up the boy's I say, "I'm assuming you'd like yours with just a little butter and salt, right?"

And he says "Yes, thanks. And maybe with just a dash of independence."


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