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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mad Max, Lucky Charms and Milk Out the Nose

I took Max to the vet this morning and they were able to remove all 18 stitches without having to sedate him and, more importantly, without him biting, scratching or hissing at anyone. We've all learned the hard way: do the icky stuff in the first five minutes (which Max will give you for free) and THEN do the easy stuff like weighing him. We were in and out in eight minutes, with nice compliments about his behavior and how well he had healed. Now that the vet has our $400 and has signed off on Max's health, M and I are both convinced that Max will get hit by a car in the next 24 hours....

In other news, M got home Monday night and we were chatting while I cleaned up the kitchen. I was filling him in on my day, what was new, etc. Among the things I had discovered that day was the fact that Slick (a very picky eater) apparently likes Lucky Charms. I had discovered him up on the table with his head in the bowl that C hadn't quite finished that morning. I had my back to M as I casually mentioned this and wasn't aware that he had just lifted a full gallon jug of milk to his lips immediately before my revelation. So now you know why the rest of the title of this post is "Milk Out the Nose."


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