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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not ENTIRELY Beyond My Areas of Expertise

C and two of his friends had a play/homework date at our house yesterday afternoon. My favorite part of the afternoon was when we were driving to the house.

The kids started out with a fairly sophisticated discussion of astronauts - what it took to be one, what could be studied in space and how, the repairs to the Hubbell (which is how they referred to it - "You know, when they put the 'glasses' on The Hubbell the first time they made repairs?").

I'm thinking I am in SO way over my head with these kids and I'm really admiring their teacher, who deals with 24 of these verbal little brainiacs every day and then I realize they've moved on to a discussion of how you pee and poop in a zero gravity environment and how you attach suction instruments to various parts of your body (insert 9-year-old boy giggles here) and I thought whew, THIS I can manage!


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