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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Amazing

C transferred to a new school this year.

On the one hand, we're thrilled. At the new school, he's participating in an accelerated curriculum. He'll be pushed harder and his intellectual muscles will be stretched more. He's transferred with two of his good buddies and they're enjoying each other. As a bonus, we really like the parents of these two buddies. C's teacher and the fifth grade teacher he'll have next year are fabulous and all of us are really looking forward to an exciting couple of years.

On the other hand, we really loved the old school. It has a strong and focused PTA and a truly excellent and committed faculty and staff. Lots of buddies there, both for C and for us. We'll still be in touch with many of them, particularly given our involvement with Cub Scouts, but we'll miss the day-to-day involvement.

Here's only one example of what makes it such an exceptional place and why we'll miss it: On Friday evening, C's teacher from last year called him to see how he was adjusting to his new class in the new school. She didn't talk to us - she called for C and talked to him for a good 15 minutes, asking him about his summer, how he liked the new classroom, what they were learning and how he was. The King of the One Syllable Answers talked at length about summer camps, fingerprinting (something he learned about last week in school) and what was happening at the alma mater. He clearly felt valuable and empowered and his parents were completely charmed and blown away.

Mrs. D: You so totally rock!


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