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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Do So Love A Challenge

When my sibs and their families were out to visit earlier this summer, I sat everyone down with the sock yarn stash and asked them each to pick out yarn so that I could make socks for them for Christmas.

Only a dozen pairs and I have all the way to Christmas, right? Just 24 socks. No problem.

So I sat down the other day and evaluated the situation and realized that I needed to complete one sock per week in order to get everybody’s socks done in time. No problem.

C gave me one of his sticker reward charts and I wrote each person’s name in two boxes. Every time I complete a sock, I get to put a sticker in one of the boxes. (See how smart I am? One sticker per SOCK, not per PAIR – makes it look like I’m making progress much, much faster!)

As of today, I’ve got 7 stickers on the chart and there are 3 partially completed socks in my bag. I cast on another sock this morning, just to keep things interesting – I like having various socks in various states of completion so that I can jump around based on how much concentration each sock requires at any given point in the construction. Picking up stitches for the gusset requires concentration and good lighting. Ribbing is good for tv watching. The round and round of stockinette is good during a movie or while reading. And sometimes I just need to switch to something in a different color or a different yarn to keep it interesting.

Stay tuned for updates on the sticker chart. And I need foot lengths for SGH, RJH, PSH and DCH.


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