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Thursday, July 13, 2006


As you have probably guessed, there is a running disagreement at our house about who is responsible for emptying pockets before clothing goes into the laundry hamper.

The Little Hub has suggested that the person doing the laundry is responsible for pocket emptying. He has assured me at length and at great volume that when HE does the laundry he ALWAYS takes responsibility for checking the pockets.

At equal volume, I have suggested that checking the pockets for 5 loads of laundry a year is a lot less time-consuming than checking the pockets for 5-7 loads of laundry a week.

Last Saturday, the LH found himself in the position of having to wash some clothes while I was out. He had to leave before the cycle had finished, so he asked if I could please toss them in the dryer when I got home. No problem. I even pulled them out of the dryer as soon as it stopped.

You can imagine my surprise - and glee - when I tossed the dry load onto the couch, preparatory to folding everything, and noticed a large and now very soft piece of candy in amongst the clean clothes.

So when the poor guy got home, I handed him the candy and said "this went through the wash today." He started in again: "I don't understand why you can't at least check pants pockets!"

I let him go for a little while but I'm not totally heartless. Before the volume got too high, I stopped him with a single, soft-spoken sentence: "This was your load of laundry, babe."


Blogger The Queen said...

That wasn't bad -- that wa pure evil and I LOVE it.

He mentioned the laundry thing to me the other night -- as he thinks I agree with him -- oh, not so, Mr. M.

I believe that the true responsibility lies in the person who wears the pants. I believe that all the good stuff that is found when pockets are not cleaned out belongs to the person who finds it in the laundry. I believe that the person who finds the $20 bill gets to do the happy dance and wave it publically in the face of the person who now LOST the $20. I also believe that the person who finds candy, receipts, or other ICK, also as the right to leave it in the middle of the pillow of the offender. And finally, as the one who is doing the laundry in my house these days, I reserve the right not to check my own pockets until throwing them in the washer. And since I check pockets when I do it, I expect someone else to check them when he does it and not WASH my motorcycle permit and make me take the pieces back to the DMV.

Who knew I had so many opinions?

4:18 PM  
Anonymous The Zero Boss said...

He was full of shit, anyway. Pocket clearing is ALWAYS the responsibility of the pants-wearing party.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous The Hub said...


I'll work on it! I'm advanced enough to know when I -may- need to change certain behavior patterns. However, "the queen" is making up at least some of her punishments as she goes along. And that's all I got to say for now...

The Hub

8:40 AM  

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