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Thursday, June 08, 2006

I am SO Not a Morning Person

On a typical school/work morning, my alarm goes off at 6:00 and I haul my sorry ass out of bed around 6:15. At about 6:35 I start my efforts to haul C’s sorry ass out of bed. Neither of us is good for much before a shower so it’s a bit of a struggle but we manage to get out the door between about 7:00 and 7:05. It’s this way 99% of the time. Once in a great while we spring out of bed and are out of the house before 7:00 but those days are rare enough to be considered miraculous.

So can somebody explain to me why, yesterday morning when I didn’t have to be heading into the City for work and we could have slept until 7:00, my darling child chose to wake up (and then wake me up) at 5:45?


Blogger The Queen said...

Happens to me all the time. I'm not a morning person on any morning I have to get up and go to work -- however, on the weekends, I can get up HOURS earlier with no ill affects.

Drives the Prince nuts.

7:57 AM  

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