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Friday, August 31, 2007

Food Review

C had a homework assignment this last week to write about his favorite and least favorite foods.

Food for Thought by C--------------

My favorite food is clams because its creamy goodness satisfies every tastebud on your tongue. It can be used in any recipe and still taste good, chowder, pizza, and all by itself, it’s the ultimate tastebud treat! Potatoes excellently compliment this delicacy from the sea. And the great part? Clams can be found around the world, in many sizes and shapes, saltwater and fresh water clams are the best.

Broccoli, yuck! Broccoli’s disgusting moldy~looking top tastes horrible with its ‘stem’ that feels like rotting wood, inside and out of the mouth. If you think it has a nice ‘earthy’ smell, think again because to me it smells like rotten meat! Cooking it just makes it worse, spices, blech! Broccoli is the one the one thing I won’t cook, it best goes unplanted!


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Dunno if you want to tell him this one or not: I planted broccoli in my garden. Once. Picked some, munched it, you know, fresh from the garden is the ultimate way to eat any veggie, right? Yum, right?

I'm glad nobody saw my face just then. That, my friends, was the worst broccoli I had ever come near. Weird, very metallic taste to it.

Well, what the heck. I had more already picked in my hands, it was dinnertime, add a little cheese sauce?, so I took it inside and cooked it. And when I did... The teeny tiny beetles that were in there, one to each tiny budlet as far as I could tell, all started to pop out. Your son got his wish that day at my house: I threw out all the broccoli, and I never planted it again.

See? It's okay to tell him this story. It has a happy ending.

10:07 PM  

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