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Monday, June 15, 2009

Gotta Love Mondays

Even though the bus schedule shifted this morning, so that my departure is 14 minutes later than it was last week, I got up at the usual 6:30 so that I could drop C at camp on my way to the bus. In typical twelve year old fashion, he declined to cooperate when I sweetly asked him to get up and moving. In the process of gently prodding him, helping him find his shoes and reminding him to brush teeth and hair, I somehow lost track of the fact that I had failed to apply makeup.

There were many, many people dropping their kids at camp at the leisurely hour of 7:30 - It was a nice opportunity to run into a lot of people I know and leave them wondering why I looked vaguely washed out this morning.

After C declined to say goodbye or even acknowledge my existence (I know he was just trying to save me some time; it has nothing to do with being a hormonal preteen boy who would prefer to be raised by wolves), I drove at exactly the speed limit all the way to the park & ride, pulling in just behind my bus. No worries! It was a nice little bit of exercise to run across the lot, and very exciting to be the absolute last person to board. Also, the unexpected exertion made me warm enough that it really didn't matter that I forgot to grab my coat when I got out of the van.

After doing a little deep breathing exercise that I like to do to relax (usually I have to be at work for a few hours before this is necessary), I looked down and realized that when I decided to change my shirt this morning, I neglected to change my underclothing as well. No worries! Black underwear with a pink shirt is pretty standard attire for a downtown law firm and since I don't have my coat with me, everyone will be able to enjoy my fashion statement right along with me.

Gosh, so much happens in just a short time around here!


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