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Friday, September 01, 2006

Summer Reading

You will recall that C spent much of his summer reading the first 11 books in the Warriors series. But the entire summer was not about bands of feral cats. The kid read about 4500 pages this summer, and he likes non-fiction just as much as fiction. He raced through Chew On This, the kid version of Fast Food Nation.

Truly, I'm thrilled. I think it's fabulous that he's learning to make smart food choices - not just about what you eat, but about where you eat it, too. I wish I had his food habits.

But: Does anybody else think it's a little weird that when you send a 9-year-old to the video store to pick out something to watch on a Saturday night, he comes home with Supersize Me? Again, it's an excellent film and I'm really pleased that he's connecting the dots and taking these issues to the next level.

However: I'm about to draw the line. He has GOT to stop talking about E. Coli with every person he meets. Especially when they and/or we are eating.


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