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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Ready For My Closeup Now, Mr. DeMille....

M took a whole bunch of photos for me recently, so if I can pull my act together, I hope to post a few at a time to get caught up on at least the sock portions of the last six months. I know, I know. You can thank me later.

First up, we have the socks for Baby Brother's family from the last entry.

These are slipper socks made for my nephew MCH from Opal six-ply purchased at everybody's favorite Marin Fiber Arts. They're warm and handsome and best of all I have enough left over to make a pair for me too :-)

These gorgeous socks for nephew TNH were tremendously hard to photograph well. They're Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the Alpine colorway - Really rich blues and dark, dark purples. You can see why they didn't photograph really well. This yarn was DIVINE to work with. Soft, knits up smoothly and feels great. It was really hard not to keep them for myself. T, when your feet outgrow them, feel free to send them back to me.....

These were for niece SHH, who took about two seconds to pick out this turquoise and purple yarn in her Favorite Colors. It's Tess Designer baby/sock yarn that I picked up at Stitches West last year. Another quite nice yarn to work with. I'll be back at their booth for more next month.

For my sister-in-law SHH, this pair of Trekking socks in purples was really nice to work with. I like the way the this line of Trekking knits up into fraternal twin socks. Keeps the knitting from being boring and their colors are subtle and rich. Another Marin Fiber Arts yarn.

More Trekking yarn for the Baby Brother, DCH, himself. This colorway was amazing - in some light it looks like browns and in other light it looks like greens. Unfortunately, it's another yarn that's hard to photograph well and pick up all the subtleties.

More photos to come. Stay tuned....


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Blogger Christine said...

wow! Excellent. So, I'm thinking I could make socks for everyone in my family. How long did it take you and how many pairs did you do? I'm inspired.

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