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Monday, October 26, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

So Carter and I are at Starbucks one recent morning and he says he'd like a white hot chocolate.

Me: Ok, but how about if you have a little something that's reasonably healthy, too?

Carter: Like what? Why?

Me: Well, I just like you to start off your day with something resembling a healthy breakfast. How about a breakfast sandwich?

Carter: Right. Mom, what do you have for breakfast each and every morning?

I started to come back at him but was at a loss for words, since my standard breakfast for years now has been a nonfat hot chocolate, light on the chocolate. Twenty grams of protein, nonfat, only about 250 calories and very filling.

So I just stood there. Like an idiot.

Carter: Right. I'll stick with the white hot chocolate, then, ok?


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Pleading guilty here too. Only, since our daughter moved back in after college graduation, now it's two of us having hot cocoa for breakfast and now she's making hers twice a day, and I can't have that around and not have some, and... That ten pounds of cocoa every two months thing? I think we're going through it in one now. Time to buy the 100 lb bag and be done with it.

6:53 PM  

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