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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Have An Announcement To Make ---

7:04 this morning: I hear sounds of life from the front of the house. C is up and moving. Kind of early for a Sunday, but mercifully he's old enough to be up and about by himself without me having to worry about him or get up with him. I go back to sleep.

An hour later: We hear "Ahem. I have an announcement to make." We sit up to "Breakfast is served" and indeed, there are trays on each side of the bed, bearing beverages, flatware and cloth napkins, scrambled eggs, sliced apple and beautiful pancakes. Our suddenly shy son says "I probably risked my LIFE making this breakfast" (using the stove all by himself).

Without question, the best meal I've ever had. He was so proud of himself and so self-effacing about how good it was.

The best part: He cleaned up the kitchen, for the most part, as he went along.

The second best part: M had gone out to a crab feed last night with some of his friends. "Oh yeah - I'll be home by midnight, no problem." Actually, it was after 2 am so 8:00 was a little early for him...


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