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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Which One of Us is the Bad Parent?

M took C on a cub scout overnight on the USS Hornet a couple of weekends ago. A fabulous time was had by all - especially me, who had the house to myself for 24 hours and enjoyed dinner out with some of the other moms whose kids and spouses were spending the night on a steel boat on the bay on a windy night.

One of the events M and C attended while shipboard was the telling of ghost stories about the Hornet. No big deal at the time, but our normally very grounded and pragmatic child has been having a little trouble going to sleep ever since, particularly when he's been overly tired.

Things were exacerbated Sunday night when he was also dealing with the switch to daylight savings time, and having fallen asleep in the car for about 45 minutes that afternoon. After over an hour of trying to go to sleep without success (and now in tears) he came into the kitchen to ask for help.

I was ready to give him some children's Nyquil, which always conks him out pretty well, but M vetoed the idea. Instead, I grabbed my bottle of B-12 tablets and handed him one, saying that I always found that they made me a little sleepy (a complete fabrication, I confess) and that maybe they'd help him fall asleep too. He popped it in his mouth and was asleep in ten minutes.

Last night he came back out five minutes after going to bed, having totally freaked himself out again about those stories ("They took place somewhere were I actually WAS"). I didn't even hesitate this time. Handed him a pill and walked him back to bed. Five minutes later, he was fast asleep. His only question: "These aren't prescription are they?"

You can't OD on B-12, can you?


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