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Friday, February 17, 2006

Why I Love Golden Gate Transit

Commute Routes 54 and 56 make two big loops through Novato in opposite directions. I catch the 56 because it's more convenient for my schedule in the mornings and makes fewer stops after it picks me up than the 54 does. Most mornings, I drop C at day care and then go over to San Marin Drive and pick up the last 56 into the City.

This morning as I stood there for some time idly wondering exactly how late the bus was going to be, the 54 went by on its loop in the opposite direction and the driver honked at those of us standing waiting for the 56. He waved us over and as we clomped aboard his bus, he said that the driver of the 56 had called in sick and GGT had cancelled the run. Since it was the last 56 run for the morning, we all would have ended up having to drive in (and paying a fortune to park). But bless his heart, he did the entire loop honking at everybody on the opposite side of the street, picking us all up and making sure we all got to work pretty much on time this morning.

I promise not to whine about my commute for at least a month.


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