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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hurricane L

Having our friend L with us has been a reminder of what age 3 is like.

C: "Mom, I think that if you hooked wires up to him, he'd generate electricity."

L doesn't just wake up in the morning. He WAKES UP. There is no transition time. He's either asleep or he's awake. He comes out of the bedroom smiling from ear to ear and then RUNS all over the house a couple of times just to see if anything has changed since the night before. Then he takes his vitamin (like he needs one) and brushes his teeth, all the while providing commentary on which teeth he's brushing (advice: stand back a couple of feet). Then he runs down the hall to the bedroom where M and C are still lying around, bleary eyed, and jumps up onto the bed with them saying "Come on, let's go, let's GO." Then he jumps down onto the floor to do his "hiccups." (He can do several in a row- it's pretty impressive. If I tried to do one pushup at these days it would probably land me in the hospital.)

At this point, I had to leave for work. C looked up, moderately alarmed. "You're LEAVING?" I think school looks better to him than ever before.


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