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Monday, April 17, 2006

We're Grandparents!

M's daughter, N, and her husband, R, had their first child, a girl, Saturday morning. After 13 hours of labor and after reaching full dilation, poor N had to undergo a c-section when A insisted in trying to exit sideways. Everybody is fine, although N is understandably pooped. She did a great job though:

And here's the proud papa:

Awesome, huh? Don't they do nice work?

This grandparent business is really cool. All the benefits and all of the sleep, too! Everybody's really excited. C thinks this uncle business is pretty cool too:

Notice the little knitted hat. This grandmother thinks that knitting baby stuff is great - pretty much instant gratification and even if it's a little big you KNOW the kid is going to grow into it.


Blogger CDH said...

Congratulations on being a grandma! You're too young though... I am so jealous, you can justifyingly knit all these adorable baby things...

10:56 PM  

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