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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Round Two

So I gave Maggie her antibiotics last night but this time I didn't give her any food afterwards. She kind of gagged for a minute and M said "Is she going to throw up?" I said "probably" and went on about my business.

He "suggested" that I go after her but I decided that if she walked into the back of the house and I didn't SEE (or hear) her throw up then it wouldn't be an issue.

Besides, in that part of the house, the cats only throw up under our beds.

Out of sight, out of mind.


Blogger The Queen said...

So it begs the ultimate question, if a cat throws up under a bed, does it make that horrible hacking sound? And if so, do you really have to clean it up? And finally, how can I train my cats to throw up under the bed, instead of right in the middle of where I walk every single day only to have me STEP in it!!!! (ok, so that was 3 ultimate questions.)

7:13 AM  

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