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Monday, May 01, 2006

Top 4 Reasons I Know Spring Has Finally Sprung

4. The ice cream truck has started making daily trips down our street. (Query: Is it too hard or too expensive to get a new tune for that thing?)

3. Bare feet feel GOOD on the floors. (Note to self: probably time for a pedicure.)

2. It's finally warmer outside than in, and windows and doors can be left open during daylight hours. (Across-the-street-neighbors are apparently not getting along any better now than they were last Fall when we started keeping the windows closed.)

1. All three cats are shedding their winter coats. (Note to family: Somebody besides me needs to start vacuuming more frequently.) (Just my idea of a little humor - I think we all know how likely THAT is.)


Blogger The Queen said...

Wait a minutes --- you cats have a specific time of year they shed? Not ALL.THE.TIME? I pick up a whole cat in fur weekly.
Can you just vacuum the cat directly?

8:11 PM  

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