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Monday, May 01, 2006

Round Three

Maggie's teeth cleaning went well. She was a little limp for the first 24 hours or so afterward but seems to have dealt with the anesthetic, etc. just fine. The vet even said that she had gained another half pound or so since she was in for her checkup at the beginning of April. All good news.

However, she needed to have one tooth extracted because it was broken. No big deal, but because of that, the vet said that he wanted her to continue on the antibiotics for another week.


I asked if we could switch her to another antibiotic since the one she was taking clearly wasn't agreeing very well with her system. They provided us with the same antibiotic, but in pill form.

Day One: We are able to skip the pill because she's just had oral surgery and the vet said to wait till the next day to start. This is good, because Maggie is so pissed off at me that she won't come out from under the bed, even for C, whom she loves.

Day Two: I pull her out from under the bed and give her the pill. She spits it out. I pry her mouth open again and give her the pill again. She spits it out. I pry her mouth open and give her the pill a third time. Then I hold her mouth shut and rub her throat gently till she swallows. Victory (and I use the term loosely) is mine.

Day Three: Miraculously, Maggie is speaking to me again. I tell M that it's HIS turn to be the bad guy and that he needs to give Maggie her pill tonight. He says sure, then forgets and goes to bed. I snag Maggie as she's walking down the hall. She only spits the pill out once before I get it down. M is definitely giving her the pill tomorrow.

Day Four: I remind M to give her the pill. He and C dig her out from under C's bed (she's really starting to have this pill-avoidance thing down). I stay in the kitchen while they're doing the deed so that she won't associate me with it (like she's really that stupid). M comes through the kitchen five minutes later saying "She's pretty good - she spit it out three times before I got it down."

Half an hour later I go into C's room to pull the covers back for bedtime and discover the slightly damp pill on the bed. I guess she spit it out four times. I wait till she comes to sit on my lap later while I'm knitting. Let's just say there was no more spitting it out.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, you have GOT to leave some kind of warning on the blogs I should not read! Like cats hacking under our bed, and how much it freakin' cost to clean Maggie's teeth. Jeez, do you have no compassion for me?

6:55 PM  

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