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Saturday, September 09, 2006

How Would You Respond?

The other night, IN FRONT OF the Little Hub, C said "Mom, how much do you think you spend on yarn in a year?"


Blogger The Queen said...

Oh, wow -- that is SO not good. My reactions in order are as follows:
1. LIE.
2. Give the boy child a lecture on how it is not polite to discuss money.
3. LIE.
4. Look something shiny.
5. Inquire if he's checked his pockets yet?

You are in DEEP trouble. Good thing you have no other vices to compete with yarn.

(Have I told you yet that I counted my SOCK yarn stash on Friday? 34 pairs in YARN -- THIRTY-FOUR. I'm so screwed.)

9:22 AM  

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