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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sock Update #3

Number of socks completed: 14

Number of socks remaining to be completed before 12/25: 10

Socks in Progress: 3 - (1) Cast on and about 3 rounds of ribbing complete. (2) Cast on and about 3/4" of ribbing complete. (3) About 2/3 of the way to the heel flap. This is the sock that made it all the way to the heel and it was just too small and so got ripped back to begin again. I'm askeared that it's now going to be too big but will need to take it around the heel before I'll know for sure.

I am so totally on track to complete all socks by Christmas. Piece of cake.* Which is a good thing, since our Knit Group Knitalong of the Boise lace shawl in the cashmere/merino blend (in a gorgeous blue) is turning out to be just as seductive as I had feared. After screwing it up on the 4th pattern row the first time around and pulling it all out and starting over, I've gotten the pattern down and am loving not only the way it looks but the way the yarn feels going through my hands. I am so definitely keeping this for my ownself - I'm going to be one warm and happy camper come cold weather.

*How's that for tempting fate??


Blogger Michelle said...

Thanks for the idea of shifting two stitches...brilliant! I will try it for sure!

5:07 AM  

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