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Friday, May 20, 2011

Good Samaritan

While driving to work one day last week, Mark was stopped waiting for the light to change when a Mama duck paraded across the street, a dozen ducklings in her wake. All was well until she reached the curb on the other side. She hopped right up but the ducklings ended up like this:

Good fellow that he is, Mark put the truck in park, hopped out and started directing traffic around the situation. After taking a quick photo, and keeping his eye on the Mama duck in case she was inclined to nip, he scooped up two handsful of ducklings and deposited them on the curb. They and the Mama continued on their way.

As Mark headed back to his truck, a woman who had stopped to watch leaned out her window and called to him: "Are you married???"

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