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Friday, August 31, 2007

Food Review

C had a homework assignment this last week to write about his favorite and least favorite foods.

Food for Thought by C--------------

My favorite food is clams because its creamy goodness satisfies every tastebud on your tongue. It can be used in any recipe and still taste good, chowder, pizza, and all by itself, it’s the ultimate tastebud treat! Potatoes excellently compliment this delicacy from the sea. And the great part? Clams can be found around the world, in many sizes and shapes, saltwater and fresh water clams are the best.

Broccoli, yuck! Broccoli’s disgusting moldy~looking top tastes horrible with its ‘stem’ that feels like rotting wood, inside and out of the mouth. If you think it has a nice ‘earthy’ smell, think again because to me it smells like rotten meat! Cooking it just makes it worse, spices, blech! Broccoli is the one the one thing I won’t cook, it best goes unplanted!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wasn't He Just an Infant?

School started back up last week and my baby began his final year of of elementary school. I've taken the first day of school off from work for six years now - always more for myself than for C. Remember, this is the kid who, in kindergarden, said to me "You know, Mom, I think it embarrasses the other kids when you kiss me goodbye."

I do have SOME sensitivity. This year I asked if he'd be more comfortable being just dropped off or if it would be ok for me to walk him back to the classroom. He thought about it for a minute and then said it would be ok for me to walk him back, since there would no doubt be a lot of other parents doing the same thing.

He was right - we ended up having to park a couple of blocks from the school and as we walked toward the campus, I said "I don't supppose you're going to hold my hand this year?"

He gave me the sideways, mildly contemptuous look. "What do you think?"

"I think you'd rather die a slow painful death."

"Mom, that would be a slow painful death."

But he did it anyway - just for a few steps and not where anybody could see him. He knows I need that extra reassurance on the first day of school.

And I was really proud of myself - this year, for the first time, I didn't cry after dropping him off.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Personal Is Political

We were at Starbucks a week or so ago and someone had left that day's New York Times sitting on a table. C noticed a photo of a bunch of Elmo dolls and picked it up to read the article, which was about a Chinese lab that was testing the toys for safety.

He headed up to the counter to pay for a sandwich. The guy behind the counter looked a little startled to see a ten year old with the NYT and said "Oh, I see you're reading the business section of the New York Times!" with a little bit of a nervous laugh.

C said, "Oh, I was just interested in reading about this job I'd love to have, testing toys."

The barista started to relax a little bit and then C said "But you know, I'm still really opposed to American corporations using Chinese child labor."

I don't think that poor guy has recovered yet.

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