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Friday, January 06, 2012

So Many Ways to Fail, So Little Time

1. Today is a minimum day. Completely forgot.
a. So, no need for that lunch I packed.
b. So, great need to have the child picked up shortly after noon. Fortunately, another carpool mom not only did so, but took him to lunch.
c. So, great need to have the child returned to school for wrestling practice at 3:45. Again, other carpool mom is totally on top things. Thank heavens.
d. I don't usually pick up on Fridays after practice, but this might be a good time to offer.
2. Very carefully locked all the doors before we left this morning. On a normal day, I would get home first, so no big deal. Today, however, this resulted in the child being required to break in between lunch and practice.
a. Very smart child - able to accomplish this far too easily.
b. Even smarter - he called me from outside while waiting till the neighbors were all inside their homes before breaking in so that no one would call the cops and/or learn how to break in.

So: Does it make better sense to make it harder to break in? Or do we need to maintain an alternate method of getting in, since I suspect this will happen more, rather than less, frequently?

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